Janet Fedullo, CNM
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Lindley Kent, CNM
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Dr. Jewel Grant, D.O.
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Gloria Glidewell, CNM
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Linda Segal, CNM
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Anjli Aurora Hinman, CNM
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Our New Parent Group has returned on Fridays at 11 am! Facilitation is provided by Elizabeth O'Brien, LPC and the group now meets in our small conference room. Entry is through the 2nd glass door at the end of the hall. (Our waiting room is now being used to host group pregnancy classes during this time.) Hope to see you there!

Patient Testimonials

  • We had a water birth, and the experience was very calm and happy thanks to Kimary.  We always felt that we were in good hands.  She was so kind and supportive that both my wife and I felt as if she were family on the happiest day of our lives.
    Joe D.
  • As soon as I met Margaret, and then Anjli, I immediately felt that I was with someone who would care for me, listen to me, cry with me, and above all else, stand up for me so that I could have the birth I wanted to have. They did not disappoint me and I continue to be amazed by the work they do in our community.  We are lucky to have these women!
    Dana Stenzel, VBAC mom
  • Switching to Intown Midwifery was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy and birth. In my opinion, the quality of care is unparalleled throughout metro Atlanta. I knew by birthing with Intown Midwifery that my wishes would be respected and I was more likely to have the birth experience I so deeply desired.
    Stephanie M., first time mom
  • Sitting in the room with Margaret Strickhouser during my first prenatal visit, I could tell this woman was strong and powerful and would advocate for me during my birth.  Then during my birth, when Anjli was in attendance, I felt heard and seen and guided, but also free to be in my own birth experience.  For me, I could not have imagined a better birth experience. Thank you, Intown!
    McCalla Hill-Mckaharay, first time mom
  • I had outstanding learning opportunities with Intown Midwifery. They truly practice midwifery. I feel that I received the best midwifery practical education available by caring, loving and highly skilled midwives.
    Natalie Whitworth, student midwife