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The midwives at our practice offer primary care services to women which includes obstetrics, postpartum care,  well-woman gynecology and family planning.  Our midwives prioritize evidence-based medicine and patient centered care, encouraging patient education and supporting patients’ informed decision making.

Our midwives are well-versed in homeopathic and natural remedies, and place high value on nutrition and mental health, considering every type of care an extension of whole-person care.  Our practice works collaboratively with physicians,  health professionals and other care providers in the community to deliver the safest, most effective care possible.

Intown Midwifery strongly encourages members of a patient’s family to attend and participate in the process of care.  We also firmly believe in a woman’s right to choose what works best for her during childbirth and support those desires, be it a natural birth, a medicated birth or a water birth.


Obstetrical (Pregnancy)

Our practice supports women with healthy pregnancies for prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care. Our prenatal care is hands on, whole woman care where we seek to educate and empower our patients to have the birth they desire. Learn more here



Breastfeeding is a learned art and each breastfeeding family has its own unique goals that we at Intown strive to identify and support. As a new or expectant parent, you are in a "ripe" state- ready to learn and to empower yourself. We offer support that is mindful of that state and that will give you confidence as a parent. Breastfeeding is all about support. To meet your needs as a new breastfeeding family, our services are provided by midwife and IBCLC- board certified lactation consultant, Janet Fedullo, to ensure you are getting the most up-to-date and reliable information and support. You can benefit from a lactation consult if your baby is not gaining well, if breastfeeding is painful, if your baby is ill, if you need help with pumping, if your baby is not latching, if you have a low milk supply, if you have a premature baby, if you have twins or multiples, if you have had breast surgery, or if breastfeeding just isn't going well.





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