Why Midwifery?

You may want a Certified Nurse Midwife to attend your birth if:

  • You think it is wiser to prevent complications of pregnancy rather than wait for them to occur and want someone to help you do so through good nutrition, exercise, positioning and birth preparation.

  • You like to be seen by someone who agrees with you that childbearing women are not sick, and thatpregnancy and birth are normal processes just like puberty and menopause.

  • You want a seamless transition to care by an obstetrician or perinatologist (an expert in maternal and fetal medicine) should complications occur, or the need for surgery arise.

  • You want a health care provider who respects your autonomy as a parent and will have open and frank conversations about risk as she works with you to make decisions about your care.

  • You prefer a practitioner with authority to prescribe medications, hospital admitting privileges, a masters degree in nursing and national certification and licensure to provide health care services for women from adolescence through beyond menopause.

  • You would rather have the person who attends your birth check on you and assist you throughout your labor, rather than simply appear at the last minute for the moment of delivery.

  • You know that certified nurse midwives have excellent birth outcomes, with lower rates of cesarean section, instrument delivery, episiotomy and synthetic oxytocin usage and higher rates of breastfeeding.

  • You need to trust that medical interventions — such as cesarean section and induction of labor — are employed solely when needed for the health and well-being of mother and baby, rather than the convenience or routine of the provider and staff.

  • You recognize the wisdom of the growing number of U.S. women who are seeking to “bring birth back” and who know that it does matter how and where and with whom a woman chooses to give birth.



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