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All of our midwives at Intown Midwifery are Certified Nurse Midwives. CNMs offer obstetric and gynecological services similar to Obstetricians as primary healthcare providers for women, but often offer different methodologies and results. CNMs practice in hospitals, birth centers or at home, and have extensive, post-graduate training both in nursing and midwifery. Our CNMs are certified by the American College of Nurse-Midwives.

Margaret Strickhouser
Margaret StrickhouserFounder / Certified Nurse Midwife
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Michelle Arp
Michelle ArpCertified Nurse Midwife
Michelle’s interest in women’s health developed after she entered the nursing program at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. She received her certificate of midwifery in 1995 from Rutgers University in New Jersey, graduating suma cum laude. Since 1996, Michelle has gained a great deal of experience with high and low risk pregnancies as well as well-woman gynecological care. In 2014 Michelle completed a Master of Science in Midwifery degree through Philadelphia University.
Janet Fedullo
Janet FedulloCertified Nurse Midwife
Janet Fedullo CNM, MSN, IBCLC is a graduate of Emory University. She’s been practicing midwifery for 16 yrs and has worked in a variety of birth settings including home, freestanding birth centers and hospitals. Janet is passionate about women’s health issues and is an ongoing preceptor for midwifery students, believing that all women deserve a midwife. She joined our practice in 2014 and also offers lactation consultant services that can be billed to your insurance.

Attending Births at Atlanta Medical Center

Birthing tubs available for each room, in addition to the bathroom and shower in each birthing suite.
There are no restrictions on eating or drinking in early labor.
Children are welcomed (and encouraged) to attend births with a proper guardian.
Mothers can have up to three guests in the birthing suite.
Monitoring is done on an intermittent basis for most patients.
Mothers are encouraged to labor in whatever positions are comfortable.
The hospital now has a minimal separation policy between mother and baby.
There are two Pediatrician groups that practice out of the hospital. One of these pediatricians will examine and discharge your baby after delivery. Once discharged, you can continue care with the pediatrician of your choice.

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Meet Margaret Strickhouser

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Our Approach to Care

Natural Childbirth Support
for Three Generations of Women

Margaret on Birthing in Georgia in the 70s

In those days, women who wanted something different had to have a homebirth or come to the Birthing Center in Douglasville, which was the obstetrical unit of the Douglas General Hospital. Dr. Richard Stewart and three midwives were the only providers that did births there. We were doing birth differently, it was very much like a birth center with lots of natural births and women going home 6-8 hours after having the baby. We had tons of women coming to us. At one point we were doing 50 births a month and it was all word of mouth. So other hospitals started looking at us, like how do we do that? So then Northside got one birthing room. Then, eventually, all the hospitals had birthing rooms and they all hired nurse midwives. But the doctors would still practice the same way. It was like they were thinking, women are wanting something different, so we’ll give it to them. But they didn’t get what it was.

Margaret on Today’s Birthing Environment

“Now there is awareness, a conversation for change, and the understanding back up of medical professionals and doctors who work for change and protect women in their birth experience. We are for the safest, most beautiful birth possible and will always strive to make all your options readily available and educate you with compassion to make the healthiest choices.”

Our Services

Meet Our Office Staff

“Kristie doing patient intake was welcoming and informative. The front desk staff was courteous, lab techs were a highlight of each visit and of course the midwives were excellent. I didn’t care who I saw, I enjoyed them all and felt cared for to the highest degree.”

– Lana Elizabeth

“I delivered both my children with Intown Midwifery (2011 and 2015). I loved the compassionate care I received in pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. It is great to have water birth available for those who chose to do so as well. I also appreciated the care I received at Atlanta Medical Center and found the staff to be competent, warm, and friendly. I highly recommend Intown Midwifery.”

Christina Hodgen
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Meet Our Midwives