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The midwives at our practice offer primary care services for women. This includes obstetrics, postpartum care, well-woman gynecology and family planning.

Our midwives prioritize evidence-based medicine and patient centered care, encouraging patient education and supporting patients’ informed decision making.

Our midwives are well-versed in homeopathic and natural remedies, and place high value on nutrition and mental health, considering every type of care an extension of whole-person care. Our practice works collaboratively with physicians, health professionals and other care providers in the community to deliver the safest, most effective care possible.

Intown Midwifery strongly encourages members of a patient’s family to attend and participate in the process of care. We also firmly believe in a woman’s right to choose what works best for her during childbirth and support those desires, be it a natural birth, a medicated birth or a water birth.

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Water Birth
& Water Labor

Vaginal Birth
After Ceasarean


Family Centered

Our practice supports women with healthy pregnancies
for prenatal, birth, and postpartum care.

 Our prenatal care is hands-on, whole-woman care.  We seek to educate and empower our patients to have the birth experience they desire while fostering the healthiest birth possible for both mother and baby.

We seek to employ under-used interventions such as hydrotherapy, positioning, mobility, and continuous labor support, while making judicious use of obstetrical interventions when appropriate.  In partnership with our collaborating physician, we are able to co-manage many conditions (i.e. diet controlled gestational diabetes, hypertension, obesity, thrombophilias, twin pregnancies, breech presentations, etc.) and still offer midwifery care for women of all ages.

If a surgical birth or assisted birth becomes necessary, our primary physician is immediately available. Our practice is proud to offer family-centered cesareans for our patients.  In such situations, your midwife continues to support you through the birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum care.

All of our midwives currently attend births in a hospital setting only at Atlanta Medical Center.

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